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Cheer Campaign

With everyone sheltering in place, we know many people are missing out on life’s big celebrations. With that in mind, The Emamian Team has decided to start the #cheercampaign. What is the #cheercampaign? We bring a flock of plastic pink flamingos or colorful butterflies and set them up in your front yard the night before the “big day”. The person celebrating awakes to a great surprise they can enjoy for a day or two and then we come take them down. How do you participate? You can send an e-mail to: jan(dotted)emamian(at)compass(dotted)com or payman(dotted)emamian(at)compass(dotted)com. If you prefer, you may also text or call us at 626.487.3678 for Jan or 818.468.3116 for Payman. Let’s get busy “flocking” our neighborhood and spreading some joy and good cheer!